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Life, as we know it, has changed and may never go back. The Coronavirus has affected the entire world population, with densely-populated places being hit the hardest. Health experts are unsure when and if this pandemic will ever end. Due to this risk, many people are moving away from the big cities to rural areas where the rate of infection is many times lower. We are here to help you keep your family safe by helping find your own dream property outside of the city. Browse to learn more.

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Living Is Best In Virginia’s Blue Ridge

What are you missing out on by living in the city or an otherwise suburban setting? Quite a bit, as it turns out. Sure, you can take a crowded metro or subway, rideshare bus, or gridlocked interstate to and from work everyday, but at what price? We’re not simply talking about dollars. What kind of toll does it take? On your body, mind, and general sense of well-being. There’s a reason big CEOs have quit their six or seven-figure jobs, purchased farms, and worked it themselves. There’s also a reason why psychologists and therapists prescribe nature therapy to their patients.

Welcome to the country, where you’ll find exactly what you might not even realize your soul craves. Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to move to the middle of nowhere, but those places are good too. Many rural areas in Virginia are close to beaches on lakes, campgrounds, diverse culinary experiences, hiking trails in federal and state parks, museums, rivers, and ski resorts. Some places even have the internet. Or so I’ve been told. There’s no need to completely change your life if that’s not what you’re looking for, but rather, the fields, forests, and mountains of the Blue Ridge in Virginia are a place to change your pace of life.

What will you find out in the countryside? Stargazing with the naked eye as light pollution fades the further away from the city you go. With just a pair of binoculars you can easily see the contours and depth of the craters on the moon. Walking down a moonlit path or through a field is an experience hard to come by in the city. It’s much easier and more pleasant to enjoy the four seasons Virginia offers when you can smell the spring flowers, take a dip in the summer water of lakes and rivers, breathe in the rustic musty smell of fall leaves, and watch the snowfall where it isn’t marred by plows that turn it black with road grime.

Take advantage of the wonders in the wild as nature abounds. Watch squirrels leap from limb to far limb, and if they fall, squirrels always land on their feet. Walk so close to deer you can almost touch them. Stop and help a box turtle cross the road, but always in the direction they’re headed. If you’re lucky and spend enough time in the woods you may catch a quick glimpse of a fleeting bobcat on a hike or a black bear pouncing on a felled tree looking for grubs. If the trail crosses or parallels a creek or stream, stash a bottled beverage to pick up on your way back for a cool refreshment. Go on a camping trip and be the first one up and on the trail. Otherwise, who would clear the spiderwebs? You can find luscious green moss beds as soft as carpet. When you find a large patch of wild blackberries or raspberries, well, some secrets are best kept to yourself. Set your canoe or kayak in the waters of a river and explore what’s around the next bend with ease. Be sure to take a fishing rod because the smallmouth bass and trout fishing are excellent.

The foothills and mountains of the Blue Ridge offer a remoteness that also seemingly isolates you from any or all of the world’s problems. The peaceful atmosphere and slower way of life elicit a calming effect and peace of mind. If you’re looking for a change, whether permanent or temporary, there’s no need to look anywhere else than right here in Virginia.